CNN – Outside, an outdoor furniture company that claims to make “the most durable and comfortable sofas in the world,” has popped up almost everywhere. Targeted ads on Facebook, #sponcon on Instagram and even seductive TV commercials, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Outer’s modular, well-designed and incredibly comfortable outdoorRead More →

MADISON, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Investigators in Wisconsin and across the country have announced that an operation that flooded people with deceptive calls and bogus fundraisers has been closed. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced that the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and officials from 37 states have putRead More →

Writer: Amy Berryman Director: Mei Ann Teo Reviewer: Jamie Rosler An outdoor production with a live audience, recorded for a virtual audience to watch indoors, Amy Berryman’s Walden confronts our technological barriers both in its presentation and in its history. The creative team and the characters face the challenges ofRead More →

I have reviewed quite a few turntables for Forbes, but someone recently pointed out that I am focusing on models for record collectors and music lovers. Not necessarily high-end, audiophile-grade gear, but more than what someone simply interested in records might be looking for. This is a good point, althoughRead More →