BYD has announced that its all-electric flagship model, the battery-powered Blade BYD Han EV, has arrived in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to the press release, the first batch of all-electric BYD Han recently arrived in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Bahamas. It’s a prettyRead More →

This month’s batch of whiskeys (and whiskeys) comes from Spain, Scotland and Ireland. New releases from Irish Distillery Waterford include the world’s first biodynamic whiskey, Spanish Basque Moonshiners Distillery is starting to export their versions (meaning they’re easier to find), and two radically different Scots are also sneaking around. ItRead More →

Smart thermostats have evolved to optimize comfort and efficiency. You can adjust temperatures remotely through the manufacturer’s app, whether you are home or hundreds of miles away. And smart sensors add another layer of ingenuity. These sensors detect humidity, occupancy, etc. And with a multi-room interface, you control the temperaturesRead More →