2022 Genesis G70 3.3T review: the best competitor of sports sedans

Koreans are coming! It should be a warning that US and European automakers are throwing each other at each other in what is shaping up to be a major upheaval in the highly competitive sports sedan industry. As a market segment, the sports sedan is perhaps the second behind the compact SUV / crossover. Korean auto giant Hyundai and its luxury brand Genesis are offering an all-new refreshed G70 sports sedan model that looks better and performs better than ever.

2022 G70: an affordable and desirable premium

Although it looks like a million bucks, the G70 is still cheaper than almost every other major competitor in this segment. At $ 38,570 for a starting price, it beats the BMW 3 and 4 series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A5 Sportback by $ 4,000 to $ 8,000.

What’s even more interesting is that Genesis has maintained a competitive price despite the major facelift of its flagship luxury sedan for 2022. It comes in six trim levels, from the Standard 2.0T model to the 3.3T model that we have. tested: Standard, Sport Advanced, Sport Prestige, Launch Edition.

Inside and out, this new G70 offers drivers so much to not only look at, but also feel when they’re on the road. The 3.3T models are more powerful than ever, and still value for money with the super top-of-the-line Launch Edition 3.3T still comfortably seated under $ 55,000.

An exterior to remember

When you turn a corner and the new 2022 G70 appears, the first thing that grabs you is how beautiful the car is to look at. Frankly, it looks positively glamorous as a car, and way beyond the more affordable price tags we mentioned above. It looks like Genesis has aligned the G70 sports sedan more with its more exuberant G80 sedan and GV80 SUV models in terms of styling.

The redesigned front and rear add a lot more presence to the vehicle, and you can’t help but be drawn to the stunning shield-shaped grille and sleek, sleek lights front and rear. There are also new functional vents in the front fender, which give the design a greater sense of power and agility that is impossible not to notice.

A quality record up to the task

As we’ve touched on before, the 2022 G70 not only looks better than ever, but it still drives great. The 3.3T model is built with a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 engine developing 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque, handling a 0-60 spring in just 4.7 seconds. It will even beat Audi A4s and Mercedes C300s in a quarter-mile race, clocking about 13.1 seconds with a speed of 109 mph. It is not as fast as the BMW 3 series, especially the M340i, but it gives BMW good value for money and still better value for money when it comes to sticker price and warranty. , so there are advantages on all sides.

Where the G70 can compete with the BMW is in terms of drivetrain. The G70 3.3T is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission which is just as responsive as the high-quality versions used in BMW cars. “Sports sedan” is the right name when you feel how smoothly and seamlessly the G70 shifts through gears without a single hitch, letting you focus only on the fun. Combine all of this with the new Sport + driving mode and the speed performance gets even better.

The only negative thing we thought we could say about the driving performance was that maybe for a 3.3L engine we could expect a bit more speed and horsepower, but that certainly doesn’t mean that ‘there aren’t many in the model as is already. If fuel economy is something you value, then you’ll be happy to know that the 2022 G70 gets a nice 29 mpg.

Plush interiors

Once again, the quality of the interior seems to exceed the price of the value-for-money sticker. Fine leather is the order of the day, with Nappa leather as an option as well. The other materials around the dash are very good quality with no cheap plastics in sight. There’s a 10.3-inch infotainment touchscreen in the center console with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as standard.

The backseat is a bit tight, even for the smallest range of sport sedans, but that’s about the only thing nearly negative about the otherwise clean, sleek, and upscale interior you can get. make it even more mellow with many options ranging from two-tone coloring to a premium sound system.

Overall, the new 2022 Genesis G70 is a home run for Genesis. If they ever needed a revolutionary model in an increasingly competitive market, chances are the G70 will be.

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