48 Christmas stockings for kids they’ll really love

Deal all the cards to the players and keep all the piles face down. Everyone takes turns placing a card in the middle, while saying “taco”, “cat”, “goat”, “cheese” and “pizza”, in that order. If the image on your card matches the word that is being said, everyone runs against each other to strike their hand on the center stack of cards. The last one must take the pile of cards and add them to his pile, and the person who has no more cards first wins!

Promising results: “The title says it all! You must buy this game if you are looking to please your kids, their computer, their phone or the TV! My kids sat for hours, five to be exact, playing and laughing. It was great fun for my husband and I to hear them not fighting and doing something together. A lot of pleasure !! We even loved playing with them !! “-Melinda Haiden

Promising results: “Simple, adorable, FUN little rig! We each have a game every Christmas, and sometimes I throw in an extra one as a Christmas stocking. It was a Christmas stocking, but three days of play later, I can confirm this is the most fun. We had some great games this year, but for simplicity (it’s a game out of the box, five seconds later you play) and fun Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza had the most laughs and the most straightforward enjoyment. ” –L. Johnson

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