Army chief reviews theater command operations: La Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, November 26

A major military exercise involving 30,000 soldiers in several areas to validate the “concept of theater command” was examined on Friday by the army chief general MM Naravane.

This involved the airdropping of a significant number of troops, vehicles, artillery guns and BMPs to mimic “dropping troops behind enemy lines”.

The drop is part of the “Dakshin Shakti” exercise which takes place through the deserts of Rajasthan, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and the various coves that dot the Indo-Pakistani coast in the Arabian Sea.

“The aim is to ensure an integrated application of forces in multi-domain operations and to defend the nation’s military objectives across the spectrum of conflict,” said an Indian military spokesperson.

Over the past week, Indian Army units and formations have practiced the tactical and operational maneuvers of their infantry, mechanized formations and airborne troops in a rapidly changing battlefield environment.

The advanced light helicopter with weapons and swarming drones were mixed with artificial intelligence to provide a cohesive picture of operations and intelligence. Meanwhile, the biennial Indo-France military exercise “Ex SHAKTI-2021” culminated after 12 days in France. This involved joint military training, demonstrating combat power and dominance over extremist groups in a counterinsurgency / counterterrorism scenario.

The exercise was conducted in two phases involving combat conditioning and tactical training in counterterrorism operations culminating in the validation of training in a semi-urban environment.

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