Barnesville HS student reportedly restrained and fogged up by others

Barnesville Police reported on Friday about an incident in which a Barnesville high school student was allegedly detained against his will and threatened by other high school students to the Belmont County District Attorney’s Office for review and possible charges.

Barnesville Police Chief Rocky Sirianni said in a statement to The Dispatch and other media that the father of a student, the target of the alleged bullying incident, filed a complaint on October 2.

“The complainant indicated that an incident occurred on Friday evening (October 1) near Barnesville high school in which his son was restrained and threatened by other high school students,” the chief said. in the press release. “The Barnesville Police Department is investigating the incident and the incident is still under investigation.”

Sirianni added: “It does not appear that anyone was physically injured as a result of this incident. “

The police chief confirmed to The Dispatch on Friday that his department had sent a report on the incident to the prosecutor’s office.

“And they will look at it and determine with what, if there are any charges, they will go,” he said.

Further questions were referred by Sirianni to the prosecutor’s office. Belmont County Attorney Kevin Flanagan was unavailable for comment on Friday afternoon, but his office said he had not had a chance to review the incident report at the close of offices Friday afternoon.

Sirianni has refused a request by The Dispatch to release a copy of the incident report, pending a review by the prosecutor’s office to determine whether parts need to be drafted under exemptions from the Public Records Act from Ohio because minors were involved.

Barnesville Schools Superintendent Angela Hannahs was unavailable for comment Friday afternoon on whether the school district had taken action against students in connection with the incident.

Barnesville, a village of about 4000 residents, is located 108 miles or about an hour and 45 minutes east of downtown Columbus, roughly between Cambridge and St. Clairsville but south of the Interstate 70. The community is perhaps best known to outsiders for its annual pumpkin patch. festival organized every year on the last weekend of September.

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