Battlefield 2042 reviews – our roundup of reviews so far

With the Battlefield 2042 release date coming up – very soon for those who pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate version – now is a good time to dig into what critics did with FPS gaming before it arrived. Good news, then, that a bunch of ongoing reviews and first takes have started rolling out – so let’s see what critics think about DICE’s latest offering so far.

While there are completed articles, many of the big reviews are ongoing at the moment, given that Battlefield 2042 is a live multiplayer game, so the full experience is not yet here. In our own ongoing Battlefield 2042 review, Christian Vaz notes that “it’s still a giant playground filled with catalysts and gadgets that are ready and waiting to be integrated into a setting created by players.” He adds that “it’s always so cool when you manage to create one in the middle of a match, and that’s when Battlefield asserts itself in the FPS multiplayer space.”

However, he reports that he’s still not sure how the game will play on launch day, explaining that his diving experience so far “has varied wildly over three long sessions,” but hopes the issues that he encountered will soon be corrected. . “When everything works out, Battlefield 2042 is easily my favorite game in the series. But from now on, it doesn’t always work, ”says Christian. Keep checking back as we’ll have our full review of the game live soon.

PC Gamer, meanwhile, sings the praises of the Battlefield 2042 portal – the game’s custom game creation mode – calling it the “best part” of the game. The site’s view also notes that “limiting the standard modes” War Total “Battlefield 2042 Conquest and Breakthrough seems like the right choice. With all the distractions offered by Hazard Zone and Portal, the base Battlefield 2042 experience didn’t need to be jam-packed with high modes. The article adds that Breakthrough is “an unsurprising but fun type of game in which attackers must capture and hold two points from defenders before moving on to the next two points,” although it also says that “conquest is a mess as it always is. ”.

GameSpotThe current review states that “while some Specialists may feel a bit unnecessary at times, the changes to the formula with Battlefield 2042 add a lot of interesting gameplay variety. The site’s point of view goes on to say that “types of FPS experiences – in different game modes, in different sets of portal rules, and even in the same game when switching between characters. . Portal lets you relive the Battlefield games of the past, but on the 2042 side, DICE has picked popular trends like hero shooter games and battle royales. The best part is, mainly, he’s done a really efficient job of curating these additions to bring more to what players already love about Battlefield, rather than changing what is already working.

“Battlefield 2042 will divide opinions,” says Bible Games in its current review. “Some will love new things, others will hate them. Some will use it as a gateway to achieve the greatest nostalgia success possible. The game EA and DICE have created here looks more like a set of tools for fun than a full-fledged great game. Does that make it a good game if it relies so much on community involvement? We will find out when it launches.

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Polygon‘S first review notes that “there is still nothing quite like being in the middle of a massive firefight with dozens of players, as jets strafe the ground around you and ‘a tank rumbles over a hill just 50 feet away. The site believes that DICE “has been researching that old Battlefield magic for over a decade, and Battlefield 2042 is coming extremely close,” although it adds that 2042, “at least so far, is getting through. seldom to be much more than that. It doesn’t sound like a real leap forward for the franchise, nor a meaningful update to a 20-year-old formula. For now, I’m still waiting for the next big one. jump.

If you want to check out the early versions of each of the sites on the latest versions of DICE, you can find the links in the summary above. You can also head to aggregated sites Opencritic and Metacritic on these links to check out some of the early reviews that appear.

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