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The BGC called on the UK government to create a gaming ombudsperson

By Bill Barber

The industry standard-setting body, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), has called on the UK government to create a gaming ombudsperson to address customer concerns.

The BGC, which represents betting shops, casinos and online operators, proposes that all licensed betting and gaming operators be legally required to register with the new body.

The creation of an ombudsperson for the gaming industry has been called for by a number of activists and interest groups, with the government in the process of revising gaming legislation.

BGC Managing Director Michael Dugher said: “This is further proof of BGC’s determination to raise standards in the regulated betting and gaming industry.

“We hope the government will welcome our calls for the establishment of a gambling ombudsman as soon as possible after the conclusion of the gambling review, which we strongly support.

“title =” Michael Dugher: hopes the UK government “looks favorably” on the appeals “class =” js-imageLoader “data-at-xn =” /12/09/72682-medium.jpeg “data-br-n =” “data-br- m = “” data-br-w = “ images / news / 2019/12/0972682-large.jpeg “data-br-xw =” “onclick =” return false; “>
Michael Dugher: hopes the British government "look favorably" on calls

Michael Dugher: hopes UK government ‘will take a positive view’ of appeals

“The BGC and its members recognize the need for further changes in our industry and a new Gaming Ombudsman would be a step forward in repairing customers – I am proud to support him. “

The move was supported by Conor Grant, managing director of the UK and Ireland division of Flutter Entertainment.

He said: “At the heart of our business, we are focused on our customers – both providing great entertainment and ensuring that it is always supported by increasingly robust safer gaming practices.

“A real commitment to putting customers first also means making sure they have an independent place to go if something goes wrong – which is why Flutter is fully behind the BGC’s call for the government to include a mediator in its plans to reform the gaming industry. “

The idea of ​​a mediator was raised two years ago by the Labor deputy leader at the time, Tom Watson, with the creation of a body which would be the equivalent of the Gambling Commission and dedicated to the protection of consumers and data transparency, providing customers with legal guarantees and guaranteeing compensation where applicable.

Last year, a report by the Social Market Foundation think-tank, whose lead author Dr James Noyes was an adviser to Watson, called for an ombudsperson to be tasked with the operator data needed to bring into play. implementation of controversial accessibility checks on gambling customers.

Meanwhile, the Horseracing Bettors Forum’s submission to the government consultation on gambling review this year called for the creation of an ombudsman to ensure that all aspects of horse racing betting were in the best interests of the game. consumer.

A gambling mediator could cast doubt on the future of current dispute resolution bodies, such as the independent betting arbitration service.

The BGC acknowledged that systems for handling customer complaints already exist, but said a gaming ombudsperson would improve the process and make it more consistent for those who raise concerns.

The government’s review of the game was launched last December, with ministers due to produce a white paper later this year.

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