Congratulations! You’ve graduated from college and are ready to take on the world. After 12 years of school plus another four or more of college, you’re ready to start earning and start paying down your student loans after a 6-month grace period. The average person has about $32,731 in studentRead More →

In what some economists are now calling a recession, many low- and middle-income Americans are turning to payday lenders, creditors who offer short-term, low-value loans to desperate consumers. The trap ? These lenders typically charge exorbitant interest rates which can trick borrowers with loans they often cannot repay. A 2006Read More →

If you are in need of funds, you may be wondering what type of loan is out there. To help you sort through the options, we’ve put together several sample loans, including auto loans, personal loans, student loans, and mortgages. Read on to learn more about the different types ofRead More →