Chippy’s brutal response to guest who left a scathing one-star review on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor user ‘Rick W’ called the chippy – Al’s Plaice in Winsford – “pathetic” saying the wait for his fish supper had become intolerable and he was usurped in the queue

Allan Aston of Al plaice

A scathing one-star review on TripAdvisor sparked a brutal response from a provocative chippy owner.

Allan Aston, owner of Al’s Plaice in Winsford, told the user that “mean people like you are not welcome” in his shop.

TripAdvisor user ‘Rick W’ called the chippy “pathetic” saying the wait for his fish supper had become intolerable and he was spoofed in the queue, Cheshire Live reports.

Rick said: “[After] while waiting almost 30 minutes, I noticed a customer who came 15 minutes after serving me with a fish. I challenged the waiter to tell me, in quotes, “She forgot me”, without quotes!

“Keeping in mind I’m 6 feet tall, wearing an orange coat, and standing in front of the service area. To say I wasn’t happy would be an understatement.

The owner of Al’s plaice did not hold back

“I was then told that I had to wait for a new period because the same server had not informed the fryer that more fish was needed.

“I asked for my money. No apologies, I mumble right behind the counter. Pathetic.

“Needless to say, I won’t buy from Al’s Pliece anymore and I urge you not to either. Businesses like this don’t deserve your business.”

In response, Allan Aston, founder and owner of Al’s Plaice, launched a brutal tirade.

He said: “You are really mean, you are so perfect at your job that you can openly criticize everyone.

The restaurant is in Winsford

“We are all human and yes the staff member made a mistake but is it necessary to stand at the top of your castle shouting to the world, for each of you there are a hundred who would disagree, so I really hope your statement makes you so happy in your perfect little world and I really appreciate you not coming back because mean people like you are not welcome. “

“Rick W” actually left a very complementary five-star review of Al’s Plaice two years ago, in which he praised the “good taste” of chippy.

Rick said: “Called in for a quick lunch with my wife, we went for a fish, chips, peas, bread and butter special and a cup of tea.

“All for under £ 7, very good value for money. We were served by a very friendly waitress and the food was served fresh, hot in plentiful supply. Very tasty too. Overall good food tasty with good service to boot. Highly recommend. “

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