Conrail Business & Research Trains book review

Learn about these fan-favorite passenger trains

Between the years of 1976 and 1999, Conrail business trains operated for three purposes: to allow railroad executives to roam the right-of-way for close inspection of the track, to examine railway facilities, and to entertain customers. on Conrail lines to improve commercial and customer service potential.

Conrail Business Train Book CoverThis 4-book volume, almost entirely in color and very well done, covers the early Contrail years (1976-1981), the Reading years (1982-1991) and the Altoona years (1991-1999), memories and stories of ’employees. , line technical services laboratory equipment, track measuring equipment, special equipment board covering 22 passenger cars and four locomotives, and much more. One of the interesting sections for rail fans is the Conrail business car section, which includes official car diagrams and data in which cars like the unique theater car (originally built in 1954 by Pullman-Standard) are detailed. The volume also includes the cars of the railway’s internal police department. The authors have studied Conrail’s special equipment fleet for three decades and have compiled a detailed and well-done portrait of Conrail’s special equipment trains.

Readers will enjoy road trips narrated in detail by working employees, accompanied by rare and never-before-seen black-and-white and color photographs showing these unique and memorable trains under construction, in operation, and even in a foreign land. Enthusiasts of Conrail passenger cars and business trains will particularly appreciate this unique and detailed volume.

Published by Garbely Publishing Co., Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328. Price: $80.00.

Written by Brock Kerchner and Wes Reminder