George RR Martin shouts out positive Elden Ring reviews on his site

Fantasy author George RR Martin shared some of Elden Ring’s rave reviews on his website, highlighting some of the critics’ thoughts on the game.

Author George RR Martin Responded to FromSoftware’s Criticism Ring of Elden on its site, sharing some of the many positive reviews the game has garnered. Ring of Elden was praised by Martin ahead of its release, helping to build excitement for what has already become one of the biggest game launches of the year.

George RR Martin, who is best known for his A song of ice and fire novels, which have been adapted into HBO game of thrones series, was approached to help with world-building by FromSoftware during the early development stages of Ring of Elden. Although he previously admitted that video games weren’t his thing, having only played a handful of strategy games, he found the offer to be one he couldn’t refuse. seeing the beautiful concept art from the team at FromSoftware. The creator helped build Ring of EldenThe rich fantasy story, one of the many aspects of the game that has been praised by critics and fans alike.


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On Martin’s website, GeorgeRRMartinthe author hailed rave reviews from Squire, NPR and play areahighlighting some of the keywords that have become synonymous with the game: “Once in a generation… masterpiece… beautiful and brutal… a sumptuous open world…“In a previous GeorgeRRMartin position that coincided with the release of Ring of EldenIn FromSoftware’s story trailer, he pointed out that he ended his role in the project quite early and that the game was in development for years after sending his writing to FromSoftware, writing: “Video games are as big as movies these days (bigger, in fact)…and take just as long to to create.“Although GRRM said modestly that he was playing a”small“to participate in the creation Ring of Elden‘s world, it’s clear he’s immensely proud of the finished product, calling the reviews “music to the ears.

Three player characters fighting a fallen temple giant in the sky

The game has been widely praised since launch partly due to Martin’s rich world-building, but also due to the incredible visuals and gameplay seen in Ring of Elden. The latter, however, has caused some controversy as more casual gamers who seem unaware of the difficulty level of FromSoftware’s titles have pleaded for a simpler mode, leading game creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to issue an apology to fans. who found Elden Ringtone too difficult.

With Elden Ring now out, fans can look forward to seeing what George RR Martin does next, with HBO adapting his 2018 novel Fire & Blood in Dragon Housea game of thrones prequel that will chronicle the fall of House Targaryen. While it’s unclear if Martin will be involved in any more games, many are still waiting for his final two books. A Song of Ice and Fire series, which he’s been writing for over a decade and promises to have a different conclusion to HBO’s controversial one game of thrones. Until then, fans can at least delve into the Lands Between in Ring of Elden.

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