Haunted attractions go from 5-star reviews to legendary status

America Haunts names the five best legendary haunts

Legendary haunted attractions

America Haunts announces list of legendary haunted attractions in the United States

America Haunts announces list of legendary haunted attractions in the United States

DALLAS, Oct 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In this age of spectacular film special effects and video game realism, it’s a feat in itself to create an attraction with an immersive experience – an experience where visitors are witnesses of fear. However, the first association of haunted attractions, America Haunts, named five mega lairs that transcended five-star reviews and became a legendary kingdom. Legendary haunts in the United States include Netherworld – Atlanta, operating for 25 years; Erebus – Detroit, 22; Beast – Kansas City, 31; Dent – Cincinnati, turns 25; and Ténèbres – St. Louis, 28 years old.

Together, their 130 years of haunting experience, along with the other top haunted attractions within America Haunts, deliver a consortium of haunted businesses that have the formula to excel in the spooky world of haunting. These legendary haunts have taken decades to create a fully immersive experience filled with unexpected and rationally impossible encounters lasting roughly an hour per experience. Their endurance in the industry is a testament to their resourcefulness and ability to stay ahead of the trends to make the experience as relevant and frightening today as it was generations ago.

These titans of terror began with transformative concepts fueled by innovation, courage, and a litany of best practices. Everyone has fearlessly invested in technology, from laser triggers and projection mapping, holograms, custom sets and costumes, and more to convincingly create a realistic and spooky environment.

  1. NETHERLANDS – The immense talent developing custom props, animatronics and costumes ensures that this 10-acre resort turned into a haunted attraction and museum of fear will never get old. The original themes of each season, coupled with constant innovations to frighten and entertain customers, continue to raise the bar in professional haunting.

  2. Erebus – With their four floors of dread and half-mile maze, the creativity of this haunted attraction is a provoking blend of horror, psychological bewilderment, and realism. Visitors go from aliens and science experiments to making meat pies, but they’ll have to escape before they become an ingredient.

  3. Beast – Fear of being lost is ingrained in this lair thanks to its open format design developed in this lair. Visitors experience a journey back in time from medieval times to the London of Jack the Ripper and the Werewolf Forest. Escape from this lair can take over an hour and includes a four-story slide or jump out of a two-story window.

  4. Dent School – What is more frightening than the unimaginable? Dent has turned an old school with a violent past into an attraction that does what hauntings are meant to do. In this haunted quarter century, the stages of fear, adrenaline rush and euphoria are unlike any other.

  5. Darkness – I took Hollywood quality special effects and created a huge spooky park to scare visitors beyond their expectations. This hangout shines a light on year-round entertainment with dark themes including escape rooms, a pinball game room, gift shop, and mini-golf options.

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Haunted america is the national association of leading haunted attractions dedicated to excellence in fear-based sensory entertainment. Their collective visitors exceed more than one million people are afraid every year. America Haunts Members Recognized For Longevity In The Industry, driveFr by professionalism, technical expertise, innovation and a penchant for generating screams for pleasure and excitement.

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