Help shape Asheville by serving on a city council or commission


Are you looking for a way to get involved in local government and play a role in the future of Asheville? Being on a city of Asheville council or commission is a great place to start.

Through various boards and commissions established by Asheville City Council, citizens can provide input on the policies that shape their government and their city. There are currently over 30 councils and commissions that advise the mayor and city council on a range of issues.

Put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to work by serving on one of the City’s many advisory committees. Being a member of a board or commission, however, requires a significant personal commitment, so applicants should consider their ability to devote their personal time and energy before applying.

Currently, there are vacancies on eight committees or councils.

For a request form, please visit Tips and Commissions Web Page or contact the municipal clerk’s office at 828-259-5839 or [email protected].

Unless otherwise indicated, the the application deadline for these vacancies is 5:00 p.m. August 9.

Current openings

AFRO-AMERICAN HERITAGE COMMISSION – The Commission has the following powers and duties: (1) To draw up rules for the conduct of its affairs, including, but not limited to, the times of meetings, the election of officers, voting, subcommittees, and others; (2) Develop a plan to identify, create, encourage, promote and implement projects that will recognize, increase and expand awareness of the contributions of African Americans throughout the city-county area; and (3) Create plans to identify and recognize community sites that are important to African American history; encourage and promote economic activity related to the African American community; and propose other projects in line with the objectives of the Commission.

ELECTRICAL EXAMINERS OFFICE – This position is for a Journeyman Electrician. Please rate the experience on the app. The Board of Electrical Examiners consists of five members, all appointed by the city council. The board reviews license applicants and for the transaction of other related activities.

BUNCOMBE COUNTY TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY – There are three vacancies. One is for the owner or operator of a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental management company with 100 rental units or less. Two are for the owner or operator of a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or vacation rental management company with 101 or more rental units. Please note the category you are applying for on your application. The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority is the public authority created in 1983 by an act of the North Carolina legislature to oversee the collection and investment of occupancy taxes paid by travelers who stay overnight in establishments. commercial accommodations, such as hotels and motels, bed and breakfast operations and vacation rentals. Buncombe County TDA Board Members have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that taxpayer money is spent in accordance with specific legislation governing its use.

HISTORICAL RESOURCES COMMISSION – The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) is responsible for preserving and protecting the cultural and architectural character of Asheville and Buncombe County. In addition to reviewing proposed projects affecting locally designated historic properties, the HRC is responsible for recommending local district and landmark designation to City Council. The HRC also functions as an educational resource within the community and strives to foster Asheville’s unique sense of place through its preservation efforts. Members must have demonstrated special interest, experience or training in history, architecture, archeology, architectural history, historic preservation, landscape architecture or a related field.

HOUSING ADMINISTRATION – The commissioners are the decision-makers and the governing body of the Housing Office. They review and approve all budgets of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approve plans and specifications, award contracts and appoint the executive director.

ASHEVILLE HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION – The tasks of the commission include, but are not limited to: (1) Making policy recommendations to City Council that promote and improve human relations and advance equity in the City; (2) Support the City’s Equity and Inclusion Office; (3) Provide a forum where residents can raise issues and complaints regarding human relations in the City; (4) Engage the community in the use of City-funded programs and policies for the promotion of human relations; and (5) promote and improve human relations and advance equity in the following areas: public safety; educational, artistic and cultural opportunities; economic development; health and personal services; and housing. Applicants must submit a Human Relations Commission form, in addition to Candidacy for boards and commissions.

MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT COMMISSION – There are four current openings; two must represent the interests of transit and two must represent the interests of greenways. Please indicate your specific interests when applying. Please note that Commissioners responsible for representing transit or greenway interests may also be required to attend subcommittee meetings in addition to Commission meetings. Members must have expertise and interest in the sustainability and development of multimodal transport and demonstrate their willingness to actively participate.

The tasks of the commission include, but are not limited to: (1) recommending policies for the development / integration of multimodal transport planning and education to the City; (2) assist in the development of a multimodal transport system; (3) help the City implement best management practices to educate the public on the benefits of multimodal transportation; (4) assist in the sustainability, development and implementation of the multimodal transport plan; and (5) help prioritize the capital improvement plan for multimodal transport projects.

TRANSPORT COMMITTEE – This position is open until it is filled. The committee acts as an advisory board to the Multimodal Transport Commission and City staff on matters affecting the public transport system and its operation. The transit committee is made up of at least seven members and a maximum of eleven members. All members of the Transit Committee are appointed by the Multimodal Transport Commission. The term of office is three years. This position is open until filled.

Opinion: For a request form, please visit Public transport web page, or contact Eunice Lovi at [email protected] for more information.

Application process

Find out which board or commission interests you. Board and committee meetings are open to the public, so potential candidates are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. Meeting dates, times and locations vary and are available on individual web pages.


The qualifications of the persons appointed to the Boards and Commissions must be residents of the Town of Asheville, unless otherwise specified or provided for by law or by action of the Council.


Complete an application by completing the advice or commission request form. Note: there is a human relations request form if you are interested in serving on the Human Relations Commission.

Confirm receipt, after receipt of your request, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the request email. If you do not receive this receipt within one day of dispatch, please contact [email protected] to make sure your request has reached the city clerk’s office.


When positions become available, city council will review the resource list and schedule interviews. You will be contacted directly if it is necessary for you to have an interview for an appointment.


Wait for a vacancy if one is not currently open. Once the request is received, the City will put your name on the list of resources for the school board in question. Applications are kept on file for review for one year. Want to be notified when new vacancies are posted? Contact [email protected] to add to the mailing list.