Hunting Valley named Ohio’s safest little town

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Most Americans feel safe in the communities where they live. Yet, according to a 2020 Gallup poll, 78% believe crime is on the rise nationwide, even though the numbers don’t confirm it.

This disconnection is part of the reason ConsumerAffairs conducted a study to determine the safest states in the country. The Customer Reviews and Consumer Information site looked at new data from the FBI and the US Census Bureau to compile the rankings. Researchers looked at violent and property crime rates, the number of law enforcement officers per capita, and law enforcement budgets to establish rankings. The study also determined the safest small, medium and large cities in each state.

Ohio has performed well, ranking as the seventh safest state in the United States. In fact, Buckeye State is just one of two top ten states that are not in the Northeast.

“It’s only the 18th for violent crimes and the 23rd for property crimes, but it has the highest budget per law enforcement employee in the United States at nearly $ 215,000,” says The report. “That’s over $ 20,000 more than the second state in the category. Yet Ohio is only 26th among law enforcement officers per capita. “

Hunting Valley, an affluent suburb east of Cleveland, has been named Ohio’s safest small town, while Perrysburg, near Toledo, has been ranked as the safest mid-sized city. The capital of Columbus is the safest large city in the state.

Here’s a look at the safest states in the United States as well as the safest cities in each, according to ConsumerAffairs. To see the full list and learn more about the methodology used in the project, visit

10. Massachusetts

Safest Small Town: Aquinnah

Safest Medium City: Weston

The safest big city: Newton

9. Virginia

Safest Small Town: Cape Charles

Safest intermediate city: Purcellville

Safest Big City: Virginia Beach

8. New York

Safest Small Town: East Hampton Village

Safest Medium City: Town of Mamaroneck

The safest big city: Yonkers

7. Ohio

Safest little town: Hunting Valley

Safest medium-sized city: Perrysburg

The safest big city: Columbus

6. Connecticut

Safest Small Town: Groton Long Point

Safest Medium City: Middlebury

The safest big city: Danbury

5. Vermont

Safest little town: Winhall

Safest Medium City: New Canaan

4. Maine

Safest Small Town: Ogunquit

Safest Medium City: Kennebunk

3. Rhode Island

Safest little town: New Shoreham

Safest medium-sized city: Bristol

Safest Big City: Warwick

2. New Hampshire

Safest Small Town: Jackson

Safest Medium City: Hollis

The safest big city: Nashua

1. New Jersey

Safest little town: Mantoloking

Safest intermediate city: Matawan

The safest big city: Toms River

The sign from Cleveland to North Coast Harbor: Hunting Valley, an affluent suburb east of Cleveland, has been named Ohio’s safest small town.

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