LG reviews action plan on Jal Shakti Abhiyan

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal reviewed the Jal Shakti Abhiyan action plan on Thursday. The initiative is a campaign inspired by the Prime Minister’s focus on “Jal Sanchay” and was launched with an emphasis on rainwater conservation and groundwater recharge in addition to regeneration.

The Chief Secretary, ACS (Environment), VC, DDA, Divisional Commissioner, DMC Commissioners, CEO, DJB and experts were among those present at the meeting.

Mr. Baijal has followed the program closely. He commended stakeholders and agencies for the work done on the rejuvenation of water bodies, initiatives to promote rainwater harvesting, water conservation campaigns and planting campaigns. of trees.

According to official sources, Baijal reiterated the need to quantify the amount of water wastage avoided and the amount of water generated by such efforts.

The ultimate goal, Baijal said according to official sources, was not only to put in place infrastructure to conserve and rejuvenate water, but to improve water availability.

Regarding the rejuvenation of water bodies, sources said the LG has asked officials to also ensure that the watersheds associated with these bodies are maintained and free from encroachment.

According to official sources, the LG has focused on the identification and geolocation of water bodies, the cleaning of existing water bodies, the reuse of treated wastewater, the renovation of water collection structures from rain (RWH) as well as the creation of new RWH structures, the Jal Shakti Park as well as the establishment of Jal Shakti Kendras.

The LG has focused on inciting conservation and penalizing water wastage as a way forward to ensure citizen participation and, according to official sources, asked Delhi CEO Jal Board (DJB) adopt technologies to detect and stop water leaks early, in real time.

Mr. Baijal also called on the CEO to put in place systems that would connect the water saved, conserved and regenerated through the efforts of the Jal Shakti mission to the city’s water supply system.