Lithia Family creates YouTube channel of UK food critics to go

Michael Knowles, resident of Lithia, eats a Cuban sandwich from Moreno bakery in Brandon.

The sentence “We take the woman’s blue jeep, we go get food and we have fun on the way!” Can be heard on Lithia resident Michael Knowles’ YouTube channel called “a Brit to-Go,” which he and his family premiered in August this year. His wife, Nicola Knowles, takes care of everything and the filming. Their 15-year-old son Oscar Knowles directs the videos and comes up with creative ideas. Originally from Leeds, England, the Knowles family moved to the United States in 2009 and have been living in Lithia since July 2019.

A Brit to-Go adds a British twist to food reviews of take-out establishments in and out of the region while also incorporating entertainment, with Michael pulling out his guitar to sing a tune about the destination he’ll be heading to. He also makes comedy home videos, such as impersonating a French chef giving a cooking class and more.

His palette was not limited to any cuisine, he tasted Greek, Italian, Cuban and other dishes. For example, Michael visited Moreno Bakery in Brandon and ate a Cuban sandwich. He pays for all the food he tries.

Michael shared his thoughts on what makes a Brit to-Go unique.

“On the one hand, I don’t know anyone who starts a food review by playing a guitar and going off in a jeep,” said Michael. “To add, the reviews are meant to accurately reflect the quality of this particular food.”

Before heading to a specific location, Michael does some research online about what might be a great place to present. He is also always open to recommendations.

“Overall, we appreciate all the support so far and thank you to all establishments for this opportunity,” said Michael.

Visit the YouTube channel at and the Facebook page searching “a Brit to-Go” for the latest videos or ideas. Join the Facebook group or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

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