‘Lots of people walk’: Leicestershire tourist attractions and their worst reviews on TripAdvisor

From beauty spots and ruins to museums and art galleries, there is a healthy selection of interesting things for people to do when visiting Leicestershire.

However, it seems some people disagree.

Some travelers have left reviews on TripAdvisor which left us wondering if they were being paid by Nottinghamshire.

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Bradgate Park, for example, is one of the prettiest places in Leicestershire. With 850 acres of land, it is renowned for its deer herds and contains some of England’s oldest rocks.

Visitors can explore the ruins of the home of the 16th-century Queen of England, Lady Jane Gray, who reigned only nine days. It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor.

However, a visitor to London did not seem to appreciate the rich history of the park and its majestic inhabitants.

Rating it at one in five, he said it should be called a “poo park.”

“There is deer poo everywhere,” the reviewer said. “Couldn’t find a place to sit that isn’t poop.”

Another reviewer said the park – which is a registered charity – has been marred by price inflation.

Bradgate Park is famous for its herds of deer.

Noting it only one in five, he wrote: “Bradgate Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Leicestershire, very picturesque. Although now he was spoiled by greed and was never satisfied.

“Hot chocolate prices keep going up, they’ve gone up twice lately, and we bought them today only to find that there was a tiny bit of powder in them, and it was. more water than hot chocolate.

“Plus parking prices keep going up, but one of the worst things is they can’t even bother to replace toilet paper, so there are never toilet rolls. out there which is obscene to me with the amount of money they seem to be paying.

“It’s a beautiful park that has been completely ruined by meanness and greed.”


The park’s website spells out the need for the attraction to raise funds, stating: “The Bradgate Park Trust is a charitable organization, which was founded in 1928 when our benefactor, Charles Bennion, purchased Bradgate Park from the Gray family and donated it in trust for the benefit of locals and visitors.

“It takes a tremendous amount of work and money to care for these precious, historic and environmentally significant open spaces and to ensure that we remain open and free to enter for all. No inheritance was left – so each year the trust must raise funds to keep running. “

The city’s National Space Center is a jewel in Leicester’s crown, with families and schoolchildren visiting to learn about the solar system in the UK’s largest planetarium.

But one person described it as “a lot of people are walking around.”

“More of a space center than a national space center,” they wrote. “I think the website is making it bigger.

“It’s ok, the planetarium is good, but I wish I had a choice of movies. Lots of information boards, some interesting artifacts but not much to actually do.

The National Space Center
The National Space Center is the UK’s largest planetarium

“Lots of very young kids, and I think that’s what they like the most – somewhere to go on a wet day. But it’s not worth a long drive to visit, because it’s disappointing and not even very large.

“Big queue for the ‘simulator’ which wasn’t much and didn’t work well. Lots of people walking around but not really engaging with a lot.

“Space is exciting, even for a non-scientist like me, but it wasn’t exciting at all. fun.”

One family called their recent visit to the space center “a waste of time.”

They wrote: “Totally unimpressed, extremely boring for a space center. It was packed, very hot too. Took two 12 year olds who weren’t at all engaged with it.

“We all got really bored and asked to advance the planetarium ticket as we wouldn’t last an hour longer and were told it was totally full so we left. I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it. to slightly older children, total waste of time and money. “

It has an overall rating on the review site of four out of five.

Tropical Birdland has an overall high TripAdvisor rating of 4.5. Located in the Desford countryside, the attraction is home to over 250 birds with a variety of stunning free-flight parrots from around the world.

But some people weren’t impressed.

A Tropical Bird Land Cockatoo

A reviewer said the birds looked “disinterested” but added that the park itself was a “beautiful” experience.

Another person rated her experience at two out of five, saying her three-year-old daughter said the toilet smelled funny and was “very poorly maintained.” But they added that “the atmosphere was amazing” and the “staff very friendly”.

Another said the visit bored their children and that they “would stick with the National Parrot Sanctuary in the future.”


Since the discovery of the remains of King Richard III in Leicester, people have flocked to the city to see the story of the infamous King.

The King’s Visitor Center below the parking lot has an enviable TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 – although not everyone who visits has had a good thing to say about it.

A tourist was disappointed not to have seen the bones of the former king properly, which led them to describe their visit as “terrible”.

Undated photo released by the King Richard III Visitor Center of one of the rooms which introduces visitors to key figures from King Richard's youth, through a series of short films, with Leicester being chosen as one of the hottest new world attractions for 2015 by travel guide company Lonely Planet.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Issue date: Thursday January 8, 2015. The £ 4million center opened following the unearthing of the remains of Richard, who died at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. The center is on a list of 26
Reception center for King Richard III

They said, “A glass floor above the excavation site with a few volunteers to answer questions. There is a light projected to show the outline of the remains, but that’s it. No display, no information. on what we were looking at. Nothing. ”

The king’s remains are, of course, buried in Leicester Cathedral.

Another claimed that the award-winning center was, in his opinion, “just a lot of pictures”.

The reviewer wrote: “We visited as a family with grandchildren. A total disappointment. Virtually nothing to interest children or adults, just lots of photos and little information about the find.”

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