Moon Knight Early Reviews Praise Oscar Isaac In A Fresh And Flawed MCU Show

Ahead of its Disney+ debut, the first reviews of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight have arrived, giving fans an idea of ​​what to expect from the series.

Moon Knight early reviews arrived ahead of its Disney+ premiere. So far, Marvel Studios’ streaming efforts have focused on deepening characters fans already know from the big screen, such as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). . As the MCU kicks off 2022, however, its small-screen venture will feature an all-new hero for the first time in Moon Knight, with Oscar Isaac as the title character.

The next Disney+ show will mark the actor’s return to the Marvel world after starring in the critical film X-Men: Apocalypse as its main villain. This time, however, Isaac joins the mainline MCU, playing Marc Spector on Moon Knight. Specific plot details regarding the show are still under wraps, but Marvel Studios tends to stick closely to the comics when it comes to its origin stories. So, as in the print version, the character suffers from dissociative identity disorder, along with one of his Quirks, a London-based gift shop clerk named Steven Grant. Spector becomes Moon Knight after making conduit for the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, who grants him special abilities. Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy join Isaac on the show as Arthur Harrow and Layla, respectively.


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Now, a day before it arrives on Disney+, the official Moon Knight the first reviews have been released, giving fans an idea of ​​what to expect from the MCU’s latest miniseries. Looking at the consensus, it seems that many critics appreciate its unique story and its spectacular performances, from Isaac and Hawke. However, others aren’t too thrilled that the first four of the 6 episodes didn’t get into its titular character enough for viewers to invest in this new MCU character. Check out some excerpts below:

Cass Clarke, RBC

Based on the four episodes available for review, it’s impossible to know if the story sets its central mystery. One thing is certain though, Moon Knight is very entertaining in its design, concept, look and feel that it brings to the MCU as a whole. There are so many interesting aspects of this show so far that it would be hard not to seek out a season 2 to dive deeper into the many questions and contradictions it brings to the surface.

Alex Maidy, JoBlo

The highlight of this series is absolutely Oscar Isaac portraying the dueling personalities of Steven and Marc as totally separate characters. Many times, when acting opposite himself, Isaac manages to make it look like two completely different actors playing the roles. At the very least, I hope subsequent seasons or movies featuring Moon Knight will allow Isaac to explore additional personalities.

Alan Sepinwall, rolling stone

The conclusion of this fourth episode left me more engaged in the plot of Moon Knight than everything that had taken place in the preceding hours. But given the character’s long history of being more exciting in theory than in reality — and given that none of the previous MCU shows have been at their best in their finales — my hopes aren’t too high for the final chapters. Moon Knight has a lot of interesting aspects, but neither the comics nor this TV show that bears his name really knows what to make of it.

Huw Fullerton, Radio Times

Still, all in all, Moon Knight seems like a resounding success for Marvel’s new era of expansion. Full of action, twists and turns, and some genuinely chilling footage, it will give longtime fans another corner of the MCU to explore while delivering an entry-level story that might even appeal to some newcomers.

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

Daniel Fienberg, THR

Conceptually, the first season of Moon Knight feels less designed as a TV show and more like an explanation of why viewers would want to watch the character end up fraternizing with Doctor Strange or Blade or whoever. So far, that’s a case for Oscar Isaac, not Moon Knight, to join the Avengers.

David Opi, digital spy

A little like Moon Knight itself, this show isn’t perfect, but the risks it takes are commendable – if a bit safer than we’d like. Still, it’s thrilling to see Marvel shine a light on the darker and weirder corners of their ever-expanding universe. If only the powers that be shared Marc Spector’s no-nonsense approach when it comes to marketing. Maybe that would have made us care more.

James Dyer, Empire

Fresh, funny, and occasionally batshit, Moon Knight is an MCU departure in both subject matter and tone, spicing up the superhero formula with a cocktail of comedy-horror and a dash of old-school adventure.

Rodrigo Perez, The reading list

While a fascinating idea of ​​the hero as an unreliable narrator lies within, encouraged by intriguing notions of mental health issues, there are frustrating elements in the new “Moon Knight” series that beg the question. whether Marvel Studios will ever figure out how to make truly great television. Because while they have a pretty terrific formula for making entertaining movies and have made quality television so far, Marvel is a machine stuck in the plot mold, in a medium that favors always the character.

It seems that the biggest problem with Moon Knight is that it does not take full advantage of its potential. Much of the criticism stems from the show holding back certain aspects and resembling what fans have seen before in the MCU, despite having a unique titular character. Interestingly, some Moon Knight critics pointed out that it is difficult to be invested in Grant/Spector, despite Isaac’s outstanding performance. Over its 14-year history, Marvel Studios has made a name for itself for making the general public care about obscure comic book characters. They did it with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, as well as the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team. Perhaps the series needs more time to fully establish Grant/Spector in the universe – something the remaining two episodes have more potential. Moon Knight season 2 could reach.

Despite these criticisms, Marvel Studios has plenty of time to build on the character beyond his own show. In fact, due to Moon KnightDue to limited MCU ties, Spector’s story may develop separately from the larger universe in the meantime. It would allow fans to really hang out with him and get invested in his journey going forward. From there, he can join the Avengers, Midnight Sons, or any other franchise superhero team.

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