Morbius: 9 Funniest Mailbox Reviews

The recent release of Daniel Espinosa Morbius (2022) made a strong impression on moviegoers when it hit theaters on April 1, 2022. With lackluster box office success and scathing reviews, Morbius became a mockery among moviegoers and standard audience members alike.

The film’s current overall rating on Letterboxd, an average of nearly 65,000 ratings, holds a low 2.0 on the 5.0 scale. The best thing about the Letterboxd community is the hysterical reviews left by dissatisfied audience members.

sarcastic anticipation

Jared Leto in Morbius

A satirical review from Letterboxd user OfficialCarson rates the film 5/5 and continues a long descriptive story about his lifelong wait for the film: “Ever since I was a young child, I dreamed of the Marvel legend, Michael Morbius, to make his big screen debut I was running around the kitchen screaming “Father! Dad ! Have they announced a movie about Doctor Micheal Morbius yet?”


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Some Marvel fans scoffed at the disregard most had for the content itself, saying no one cared about the Morbius character. While it could be argued that some of the most popular cinematic superheroes were created from obscure comic book heroes, the reviews are hilarious.

The Reverse Midas Fingerboard

Morbius Jared Leto

Letterboxd critic Mistat currently has almost 14,000 likes on his scathing review of the film, comparing lead actor Jared Leto to King Midas, “except everything he touches turns to sh*t”.

Several people have been upfront about their dislike of the film and also their dislike of Jared Leto, a prolific actor with several dozen films to his credit. Many derisory reviews criticized Morbius for casting Jared Leto in the lead role, arguing that bad acting was one of the worst aspects of the film.

Morbius as a form of torture

Morbius shows his powers

Letterboxd user mfwspew ridiculed the trailer for Morbiuswriting, “When I die, everything will go black and I will be forced by Lucifer to watch the Morbius trailer on repeat for eternity as punishment for my multiple sins.”

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Many audience members took a hyperbolic approach to their reviews, expressing their grief over the film in a dramatically humorous way. Some reviewers, like the one above, poked fun at the trailer’s persistence and how it almost seemed to haunt or follow them, especially considering the number of trailers released due to the delays of the film.

Morbius is like your college roommate

Morbius trailer showing Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man reference.

This Letterboxd review by sllver satirically personified the film, “Morbius is the movie equivalent of your college roommate who’s both so stoned and drunk he’s permanently confused.” Then he pokes fun at the film’s confusion, trying to visualize how the concept of Morbius was launched first.

The film’s inconsistency was one of the biggest criticisms from Marvel fans. Although it is not an MCU movie as it is a property owned by Sony, the film attempts to incorporate aspects of the MCU into the film, especially in the end credits, which which left many viewers confused.

A documentary by Jared Leto

morbius jared leto ending explained

This silly, light-hearted review, written by user dakotajoaquin, simply says, “Someone really did a documentary on Jared Leto and said ‘we’ll call him Morbius’.” This is a rather absurd but nonetheless amusing review.

Criticisms like these take the opportunity to give slight cracks to Jared Leto, who played Morbius. The film, widely considered ridiculous and absurd on its own, had many critics cheering with equally outlandish reviews.

first date idea

morbius ending explained

This Letterboxd user, lautengcokj, who rated the movie 1.5/5, reached out to Letterboxd to suggest a date plan: “first date idea: take her to morbius and tell him that it’s empty because you rented the theatre.”

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Although the film achieved adequate numbers at the box office, many found that their local theaters were almost entirely empty, and many Morbius critics scoff at the non-existent crowds and obvious lack of enthusiasm for the film.

April Fool’s Day Prank

morbius ending explained

The then Letterboxd user was one of many reviewers who pointed to the tongue-in-cheek release date, saying, “Sony just pulled off the best April Fool’s Day prank ever.”

With the film, which already lacked excitement, perhaps not so wisely released on April 1, many of Letterboxd’s critics were quick to joke that the film itself was released over the holidays as a joke. April fools. Some who were surprised by the poor quality wondered if their disappointment with the film was fabricated by the studio as a stunt for April Fool’s Day.

A Very Hungry Hero

Jared Leto in Morbius

This hilarious and sarcastic review from user colinmclaughlin expresses the elation at a film finally centering around a theme they’ve been longing to see on the big screen: “Finally, a superhero whose whole problem is that he’s hungry . Just craving 100 minutes. With great power comes great rumbling in the belly.”

This user was not the only one to point the finger at the largely monotonous plot of Morbius thirsty for blood. Audiences were largely disappointed by the film’s lack of originality, after all vampires attempting to retain a sense of humanity while human bloodlust is a common trope in classic vampire movies, and many have were disappointed that Morbius couldn’t even make these timeless themes enjoyable, smoothing out the nuances of the material.

104-minute Snickers ad

Jared Leto as Morbius in Mobius

This hilarious review was written by user adspitt who gave the film a half star and wrote, “literally the movie version of the snickers ad ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry™’.”

Anyone who has seen the film will immediately understand where this review is coming from. Most of the film follows Dr. Morbius trying to stave off his thirst for human blood after becoming, essentially, a vampire. Some laughable moments in the film depict Morbius writhing or acting animalistic on his bloodlust. The dramatized scenes were sometimes so histrionic that they could certainly have come from a Snickers commercial.

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