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Ghostbusters: the afterlife (now playing in theaters)
Rated PG-13 – for tongue and a fear of jumping or two

Growing up in the ’80s, I was fortunate enough to see a lot of classic movies come to the screen, many of which Hollywierd tried to reboot for a new generation (and let’s be honest, a big paycheck as they seem to be running out). ideas on over there on the west coast). Including ghost hunters. After the disaster that was the attempted reboot of this iconic film in 2016, I was sure we would never see the Ghostbusters in action again.

So when I found out they were going to give it another shot, let’s say I was less excited. Delayed by almost 18 months, Ghostbusters: the afterlife hits theaters on Friday, November 19, and I’m here to tell you that they’ve done it right.
Picking up 32 years after Ghostbusters 2, this part three… yes, part three continues the story by following Dr. Egon Spengler’s grandchildren, especially his granddaughter, Phoebe. Phoebe is a science prodigy, perfectly portrayed by a true actress in the making, Mckenna Grace (Young Sheldon). With her, as she investigates strange occurrences on her grandfather’s farm that her mother inherited, is her new friend, Podcast; his teacher, Mr. Grooberson, played by the always good Paul Rudd; and his older brother.

Ghostbusters: the afterlife does what the 2016 restart attempt failed to do. It captures the magic of the first movie. Borrowing heavily from the writer and star of this film, Harold Ramis, Jason Reitman (son of Ivan Reitman, the director of the first film) achieves the impossible. He did a third part at ghost hunters franchise that didn’t make me want to tear my eyes out like the 2016 abomination did.

This is the one that the whole family can go to see. Kids and teens will enjoy the comedy, action, and story, and we adults will see this movie with a sense of nostalgia that few movies yet manage to capture. And I’m here to tell you that when the ghost hunters theme song started playing, all the adults at Cosmo Theater smiled and nodded with this song we all remember and always love to sing with. So the question is, when you go to see this movie, who are you going to call?

Ghost hunters!

Five out of five stars for this one, folks – for his ability to capture the magic that we 80s survivors remember so well.