My favorite iPad accessory to use anywhere

Apple introduced the ability to use your iPad to extend your macOS screen last year. But the trick was to find a stand that worked well enough to make it a permanent part of my desktop setup.

The TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo is a weighted dock with an adjustable spring loaded shelf support and articulated arm. The “Duo” part is that if you’d rather just use the arm and not let it take up space on your desk, it comes with a clip that you can attach to a desk or shelf.

The arm holds your iPad exactly where you need it and can be easily adjusted without tipping the entire stand. It feels stable and serves as the perfect companion to your main screen. The good thing is that if you use the weighted base you can easily put it into use somewhere else when you’re done working for the day – it’s great when you need your iPad in the kitchen to keep up with. recipes (or just watch shows while you cook).

I have been using mine for a few months now. My “office” is completely virtual, with all of our business done through Slack and Zoom. When I’m not on a call (the only problem with macOS Sidecar is that it uses Wi-Fi bandwidth, which makes it a bad companion for Zoom calls), I use it for Slack. Being able to fill my 12.9-inch iPad screen with nothing but my Slack feed spoils me using the app anywhere else.

I also put the HoverBar Duo into service during game nights. I recently took delivery of a Wyrmwood modular game table (possibly the largest game table ever) and needed a solution for the iPad compatible board game my friends and I were playing. The HoverBar Duo allowed me to keep the iPad at eye level and always clear of all the components strewn across the felt of the playing surface.

I keep finding little ways to use the HoverBar Duo. Do I have to elevate my iPad so that I can keep an eye on my Peloton yoga class? Take the support. Watching a show while washing the dishes? The HoverBar Duo allows me to place my iPad directly in my field of vision (without worrying about it being splashed). I also like that you can use it to keep the iPad Pro at eye level. It makes me want to have this for all those Zoom happy hours a year ago. There’s even a handy channel in the base for your Apple Pencil!

The spring-loaded handle may not be as simple as the Kensington StudioDock’s “easy-on-easy-off” magnetic connection, but it’s not a mini-iMac, a multi-device charging station, either. and multi-port which costs $ 400. The TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo is ideal when you need something portable, versatile and easy to use, no wires required. You can get yours directly from the TwelveSouth website for $ 79.99.