My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Long Time No See, Selkie

“Long Time No See, Selkie” props up some of My Hero Academia’s most worthy 1-A students, but this episode’s unrecognized star is the Anthropomorphic Seal, Selkie the Shipwreck Hero. Selkie first caused a sensation during the end of My Hero Academia’s second season in the assault on Stain. Since then, Selkie has largely remained in the background other than Tsuyu’s fleeting interest in working for him before her priorities finally shifted to Ryuku’s hero agency. “Long Time No See, Selkie” adds a bit of closure to this lingering character development as Tsuyu’s time with Ryuku directly reaches Selkie’s organization and she experiences a bit of the road not traveled. .

When given the chance, Tsuyu Asui always steps up to the task and proves that she’s not just an eccentric frog girl. The joint training competition helped demonstrate how Tsuyu improved as a hero, but his spontaneous actions here speak even more. Tsuyu tries to stop a plane with her tongue, which may not work, but it’s insanely bad and proves how much she keeps growing and has become even more fearless in combat. Alternatively, the chemistry between Selkie and her second in command, Sirius, is really entertaining. The constant debates over whether her weird shtick is actually cute or not is a gag that works every time. Selkie’s powerful “Selkie Punch” also blurs the lines between this aquatic captain and Captain Falcon even further.

Captain Selkie and his mission make it seem like they’ll be the only heroes here, but Ryuku and his team soon play a vital role once additional air support is needed after Selkie is submerged in the water. Tsuyu thrives with Selkie, but it’s Ryuku who gives Uraraka his biggest opportunity. Big 3’s Nejire Hado is also an important member of this team, which helps to demystify the hero a bit more and make him a more real character. The airborne streak of Ryuku and Nejire is truly stunning and contrasts nicely with the journey of “Oki Mariner”, especially when these two group attacks come together. It’s a great counterpoint to Selkie and Tsuyu’s tandem underwater sonar maneuver. All of those Quirk attacks on the water also really make “Long Time No See, Selkie” feel like an episode at times. A piece.

It pays to have these teams all working together, but “Long Time No See, Selkie” briefly turns into a beach episode with the girls while they’re allowed to enjoy some downtime before things go. intensify. It’s a shame that Minoru Mineta couldn’t get an internship with Ryuku’s Hero Agency. Plus, did the episode involve these carefree girls cooking and eating a sea turtle for their afternoon snack? This explosion of pleasure adds to the feeling of filler nature of the episode, but this temporary peace also reflects the darkness that is brewing. Selkie can feel it and these games and entertainment are tolerated as it may be the last opportunity for them for a while. It’s an effective way to add tension to those lighter scenes and help justify that dumber material when the circumstances behind them are surprisingly nihilistic.

The story of the Light Thief culminates when Selkie and Tsuyu take care of business on the enemy ship, but the actual time spent with the threat is very fleeting. The majority of “Long Time No See, Selkie” is devoted to scenic reconnaissance sequences where Selkie, Ryuku, and the company search for their target, or the relaxed celebration that takes place before and after all. “Long Time No See, Selkie” aims to be a lighter episode that momentarily reduces danger before he returns with Endeavor and his team, but it still looks like a more effective balance could be struck here where these villains appear. actually as a bigger threat.

These enemies are non-entities and they become excuses to show off everyone’s powers and teamwork rather than being a real danger. It’s always very effective how “Long Time No See, Selkie” gives everyone the opportunity to shine. The climax where Sirius and Uraraka work together and give this encounter a glorious aerial finish is a satisfying way to properly play all of these characters to their strengths. It’s also much easier to be on point and focus on success when the prospect of a beachside barbecue looms as the reward. Uraraka has to temporarily go through all of the Sully Sullenberger, but it’s an exciting ending that changes pace for most situations in My hero university to solve. His new hero costume is also awesome.

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