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  • Republic is a crowdfunding app offering private investment deals in startups, real estate, etc.
  • The company does not charge any fees to investors, but minimum investments may vary by transaction.
  • Republic also offers an Autopilot investment account for passive investors.
  • Click here to create an account with Republic.

Is the Republic made for you?

Republic is a private investment platform that connects investors with fundraising opportunities and investments in startups, video games, real estate, and crypto projects.

In addition to catering to unaccredited and accredited investors, Republic serves entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, family offices and other high net worth clients.

More than 200 companies have raised funds through Republic’s platform, and the company is also partnering with other companies like AngelList, Binance, Product Hunt, Algorand, and Sony Pictures Networks.

Read on to learn more about the Republic cost and what it offers.

Not sure if Republic is right for you? Read on to see how it compares to other online investment brokers.

How does the Republic compare?

Republic, SeedInvest and Yieldstreet all have unique investment offerings. While Republic and SeedInvest are best suited for founders looking for capital or start-up investors, Yieldstreet is a better option for alternative investments like multi-asset funds and debt securities.

But Republic and SeedInvest differ when it comes to costs and investment choices. Overall, Republic has lower fees and a wider range of investment options than SeedInvest.

Read on to see if Republic is right for you.

How to invest with Republic

Self-managed investment

Republic offers the following investment options:

  • Start-up: You can invest in startups across a wide range of industries. While Republic has a company-wide $ 10 minimum, most startups also have their own minimum requirements. The minimums can be as low as $ 100 or as high as $ 10,000. If you prefer mobile access, you can also invest with just one click with the Republic iOS mobile app.
  • Immovable: Republic offers a wide range of real estate opportunities for investors and also offers fundraising options for real estate owners, developers and fund managers. As far as investors are concerned, he says deadlines for most of his real estate listings can be as short as a year or as long as 10 years. Find out more here.
  • Video games: Republic has also partnered with Fig, a video game investment platform, to make video game investing more accessible. You can invest by contributing to a fundraising video game company and in return receive exclusive rewards. The other option, as Republic describes, is to “invest in the successes” of a video game and earn regular dividends as the video game sales increase. You can find more information here.
  • Encryption: The investment platform also allows you to invest in popular crypto fundraising projects in the United States and abroad. See more here.

Autopilot investment

If you don’t want to actively allocate money to different startups on your own, Republic’s Autopilot Passive Investment Account might be right for you. Just like with Republic’s self-managed offers, there’s no cost with Autopilot.

In addition to the fee waiver, Republic lists the following features for its automated investing account:

  • Hands free: Republic allows you to set a monthly limit on the amount you want to invest in startups. Once you’ve enabled Autopilot, the investing app splits your money between opportunities that match your desired investment size and monthly limit.
  • Premium start-ups: Republic says it takes an in-depth look at every startup it lists on its platform. With Autopilot, Republic only invests your money in businesses that have raised at least $ 150,000, have over 100 investors, and have reached at least double their minimum fundraising goal.
  • Customizable: You can adjust your contributions at any time and opt out of companies that no longer interest you. Keep in mind, however, that you will only have a maximum of 48 hours to reverse a trade you have invested in prior to closing. of each campaign.
  • Lower minimums: The platform also says that Autopilot members have exclusive access to minimum accounts as low as $ 20. You will receive an email whenever the company finds an offer that matches your preferences and autopilot requirements.

When it comes to portfolio diversification, the Autopilot account spreads your money across a wide range of industries and sectors. These can include finance, health, recreation, productivity, legal, security, transportation and housing, food, etc.

Accredited trading room

Republic’s Accredited Deal Room is only available to accredited investors (individuals with a net worth of at least $ 1 million, an annual salary of $ 200,000, or a joint salary of $ 300,000). This offer allows you to co-invest in private investment transactions containing startups and real estate projects.

You can co-invest with venture capitalists, family offices, and high net worth individuals, but you will need to log in or request access to view the offers. Find out more here.

Featured Investors Community Investing

Republic’s Featured Investor Tool could be a great choice for those looking to join experts, friends, or personalities who regularly invest in startups. You can follow your favorite users and you will receive a notification every time they make a public investment.

Graphical representation of Republic's featured investors with Kevin Harrington and Tim Draper.

You can follow friends, experts or public figures with Republic’s Featured Investors tool.


Raise funds

This option is strictly reserved for startups and founders who wish to raise funds and develop their business. Republic lets you raise up to $ 5 million from over a million people. If you successfully reach your fundraising goal, you will need to pay two fees: 6% of the total amount raised in cash and 2% as Crowd SAFE.

The start-up process mainly consists of four steps:

  • Application: After your application, Republic’s due diligence and screening process will take approximately one week.
  • Signature of the campaign agreement: If you are approved, you will need to sign a campaign agreement and go through the onboarding. Republic says the onboarding process typically takes three to six weeks.
  • Submission of form C and launch of the campaign: Form C is an essential document that gives businesses the legal authority to raise funds online through crowdfunding. The Form C process and campaign launch takes anywhere from two and a half to three and a half months, according to Republic.
  • End of the campaign: After the campaign closed, Republic said startups are now part of the alumni community.

Republic also offers another option for emerging companies: its network of partners. This option allows founders to partner with Republic to raise funds.

Other fundraising options for startups

  • Advisory services of the Republic: If you are part of a blockchain or digital asset business, Republic offers consulting and fundraising services for things like token selling, trading relationships, and token distribution. .
  • Sharedropsâ„¢: This option essentially allows you to give free shares and stock options to users and customers who have supported your business for the long term.
  • Partner network: With this option, you can partner with Republic to raise capital for your business.
  • Pitch on TV: You can also apply to introduce your TV startup to Tim Draper on a show called Meet the Drapers. The show is the result of a partnership between the Draper family, Sony Pictures Networks and Republic.
  • Sheworx: This platform aims to close the gender finance gap by bringing together women entrepreneurs and investors through collaborative programs and fundraising opportunities.

Is the Republic worthy of trust?

The Better Business Bureau gave Republic a D- rating. Since BBB ratings range from A + to F, Republic has landed in the lower end of the desktop customer interaction ratings.

The BBB says it gave Republic a D- because of its inability to respond to a complaint filed against the company. The rating also stems from Republic’s uptime and three complaints against it.

However, the bureau also claims that its ratings are not an absolute guarantee that a company will be reliable or successful. This is why it is important to do your own research in addition to its findings.

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