Qatar and Russian companies examine business opportunities

The Qatar Chamber on Wednesday organized a meeting between members of the Qatari-Russian Business Council with Pavel Kondrashov, head of the Directorate of International Cooperation of Russian Small and Medium Enterprises (RSMB).
During the meeting, which was attended by Deputy Director General for Government Relations and Committee Affairs Ali Bu Sherbak al-Mansouri, the Russian side presented a proposal to strengthen cooperation between Russian and Qatari companies in various sectors.
The Qatari side has been informed of a number of companies wishing to enter the Qatari market and the types of partnerships possible with Qatari companies.
Kondrashov said that the RSMB Corporation is a development institution of the Russian Federation established in 2015 aimed at providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and all organizations that help SMEs, including fundraising from from Russia, abroad and internationally. organizations.
He also praised the partnership agreement between RSMB Corporation and Qatar Development Bank, which includes a range of areas of cooperation, including strengthening and developing cooperation between Russian and Qatari companies, facilitating the integration of SMEs from both countries in mutual supply chains, enable B2B events between Russian and Qatari SMEs, provide support to Russian and Qatari joint projects, exchange information and best practices of SMEs, support in Russia and Qatar, and organize round tables, workshops and joint events, as well as share information on existing business opportunities for Russian and Qatari SMEs.
Kondrashov also reviewed a number of Russian companies looking to cooperate with their Qatari counterparts and establish joint ventures and partnerships in various fields.
He noted that this proposal was designed for the Qatar Chamber to help familiarize Qataris with the investment opportunities available for cooperation, given that the two countries have a close relationship.
Abdulla al-Khater, member of the Qatari-Russian Business Council, said the Qatari side welcomes the proposal and looks forward to strengthening cooperation ties with Russian companies in all sectors, especially those related to the economy. “Green” and clean energy.
He also stressed the importance of organizing a meeting between representatives of Russian companies willing to invest in Qatar and their Qatari counterparts to discuss partnership opportunities.
Al-Mansouri stressed the Qatar Chamber’s support for cooperation between Qatari and Russian companies, and hoped that more active partnerships would be forged by the two countries.

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