Reviewers say this enameled cast iron skillet ‘will last a lifetime’ – and it’s at 30% off right now



When it comes to always-up cookware, it’s hard to beat a cast iron skillet. Whether you like old-fashioned southern cornbread or a smoky dinner with roasted veggies, a good skillet can do the job – while heating evenly and imparting the house flavor we’ve come to expect from a piece of drums. beloved kitchen.

The only downside to a heavy duty cast iron skillet is the effort it takes to wash one, which is why an enameled cast iron skillet can be so attractive. Enameled cast iron does not need to be refined, as the cookware already has a protective coating, and you can even wash it with good old-fashioned soap and water. The Eat well Test Kitchen loves the Staub 10-inch Cast Iron Frying Pan (buy it: $ 180, Zwilling), and they even named it the better enameled cast iron pan on the market.

Like all of our favorite enameled cast iron cookware, the Staub Skillet comes in a range of vibrant colors that will complement any kitchen, and is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And while we love the 10-inch version, the slightly larger 11-inch skillet is now on sale for even less than the smaller model. The Traditional 11-inch Staub Skillet (buy it: $ 150, Food52) is a kitchen workhorse that would work for projects large and small, from cooking a whole chicken to making a dinner party. pan for two.

Buy it: Traditional 11-inch Staub pan, $ 150;

Many reviewers love their skillet, which has tall, straight sides that make it perfect for sautéing, baking, and just about anything you can imagine. “[The pan] has nice deep edges to reduce spatter, ”wrote one reviewer. “Works wonderfully on [the] stove and oven. Yes, it’s heavy, and it can be tempting to just pull off a light nonstick for something quick, but if you’re making steaks or cornbread, this pan can’t be beat. “

Plus, like other heirloom pieces from Staub, customers love the pan’s enduring quality. “I couldn’t be happier with my new Staub stove,” one review read. “It will hopefully be a family heirloom for many generations to come! Now it is a sign of a great product!”

This heavy-duty skillet would be the perfect cookware for some of our favorite one-course dinners, like our Lemon Potato Skillet with Kale and Chicken Enchilada Casserole, and it’s gorgeous enough to stay on the stovetop while on the stove. the weather. “I doubt this pan will ever see the inside of the cabinet,” wrote one reviewer. “Cooks evenly, even over low heat, on a gas stove. Not only is it efficient, it is built like a reservoir. This stealthy pan could survive a zombie apocalypse. “

It is certainly enough to convince us. (Buy it: Traditional 11-inch Staub Skillet, $ 150; Food52).

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