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If you run a small business, you’ll be acutely aware that taking care of every customer is essential, and if you want to do a great job in that department, it’s worth considering customer relationship management ( CRM (opens in a new tab)) tool like Zoho Bigin (opens in a new tab).

CRM tools offer more flexibility and a wider range of features than desktop software and everyday email clients (opens in a new tab)so they’re tempting for small businesses that want extra control without the high-end prices or features of enterprise CRM software.


There are two paid tiers for Zoho Bigin as well as a free tier (Image credit: Zoho)

Packages and prices

Awesome, you can use Zoho Bigin for free – although the free tier (opens in a new tab) is limited to 500 records, one pipeline, and three workflows, so it’s quite restrictive.

Zoho Express (opens in a new tab) The product costs $7 per user per month if you pay annually, and that beefs up the feature set considerably: you get proper email integration, web forms, customizable dashboards, and a integration with other Zoho tools and third-party software, plus ten workflows, three pipelines, and 50,000 records.

The Prime Minister (opens in a new tab) The option adds advanced workflows based on date and time triggers, advanced automation, support for multiple currencies, and more records, pipelines, workflows, and custom fields. If you pay annually, it costs $12 per user per month.


Zoho Bigin is loaded with features aimed at small businesses (Image credit: Zoho)


Zoho knows that many of its customers may not have used CRM software in the past, so the focus is on ease of use.


Templates suitable for a variety of industries make it easy to get started with Zoho Bigin (Image credit: Zoho)

The app uses templates designed for different industries, so if you work in real estate, software, insurance, or many other fields, you can instantly select an interface that suits your needs. The interface itself is great: clean, simple, and without overwhelming features.

These templates can be customized, and you can create your own pipelines that reflect how customers flow through your business. It’s easy to create multiple pipelines for different operations in your business – think of one for sales and another for customer service – and pipelines work like timelines, so you can quickly and easily see every interaction a customer has had with your business.

You can click items in the timeline to open specific modules, so you can quickly get more information about what happened to each client, and built-in communication tools let you make phone calls and chat. ‘send emails from the app.

It’s easy to automate daily tasks with Zoho Bigin and you can use email alerts, tasks that start when certain conditions are triggered, and scheduling.

Bigin has an iOS and Android app that offers much of the same functionality as the desktop tool, and you can use the software to create code-free web forms that make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with your business. Regardless of platform, you’ll receive real-time notifications about your pipeline progress, support ticket updates, and incoming communications.

When it comes to record keeping, you have many options: you can create custom files and display rules to ensure your database stays relevant and accurate, and dynamic search fields, quick search and advanced filtering make navigation easy. The data. Likewise, your activities are monitored with task tracking, scheduling, filtering, and a full log of what you’ve done and what needs to be done.

You can create a product list, import product data, apply discounts, and use bulk actions to manage your inventory, and the pre-built dashboards are an ideal option for monitoring your entire business, with one interface. simple, tons of data, lots of visualization options and KPI tracking.


Zoho Bigin integrates with other software from Zoho as well as third-party software from Microsoft, Google and others (Image credit: Zoho)

Bigin is an impressive tool on its own, and it integrates with other apps from Zoho and third-party software from Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and dozens of others. API access is also available with Zoho Bigin’s more expensive access tiers.

Although Zoho Bigin has many awesome features for small business CRM, it is worth remembering that the complete enterprise Zoho CRM system (opens in a new tab) product goes further in terms of functionality. You’ll get sales forecasting, lead scoring, advanced messaging tools, and much more control over product customization with the full product. You can also benefit from more powerful analytics options, marketing campaign options, collaboration features, and inventory management utilities.

There is no doubt that Zoho CRM has more features, but most of them will only be useful for large companies, and it is several times more expensive than Zoho Bigin.

You can also find more features elsewhere. CRM selling costs (opens in a new tab) is another option for small businesses that offers more extensive marketing options than Zoho Bigin, but it costs at least $15 per user per month. Salesforce Basics (opens in a new tab) connects to the industry-leading Salesforce system and is a better option for more complex businesses. It costs $25 per user per month, so it’s more expensive than Zoho, and it’s a decent alternative if you’re already familiar with Salesforce products.

final verdict

Zoho Bigin doesn’t have the power or functionality of full-powered CRM products, but that’s not necessarily a problem unless you need CRM software for a sophisticated business with many product stacks or you want enterprise-level power.

Instead, Zoho Bigin works as an entry-level CRM tool for small businesses that want the power and control that everyday desktop software can’t provide – and it does a terrific job.

It has a simple interface, nifty tools for creating and navigating multiple sales pipelines, and a timeline interface that makes it easy to see how customers interact with your business. It is quite easy to manage products, records and data in all areas of the application, and it is more affordable than its main rivals.

You’ll want to pay more for a different product if you want more power or additional marketing options, but Zoho Bigin is a great choice if you need a small business CRM. (opens in a new tab) or if you want to dip your company’s toes in the water and start streamlining your organization.