Sponsors Spotlight: BIAW Certified Builders Melissa and Joseph Irons Team Up for Excellence

Melissa Irons

Melissa Irons, Director of Administration for Irons Brothers Construction at Shoreline, recently qualified for the BIAW Certified Builder designation. She joins her husband Joseph in the designation, making them the first couple to achieve this preeminent professional certification for home builders and renovators in Washington.

“The Irons Brothers family is firmly committed to high quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and professional jobsite safety,” said Melissa Irons. “Our inspiring creative and custom designs provide an exceptional building experience. I am proud to join the community of BIAW Certified Builders with my husband.

Melissa Irons is currently volunteering as Vice President of the King and Snohomish Counties Master Builders Council (MBAKS) and in 2022 she will be the President. She has been an active member of this board since 2009 and in 2016 received the MBAKS ‘Remodeler Member of the Year award. Irons strongly believes in continuing education and obtaining certifications for his work. As a former registered nurse, she was certified as a nurse in perioperative surgery. Since leaving her nursing career in 2008, Irons has achieved several designations in the construction industry from the National Association of Home Builders, including Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Certified Graduate Remodeler, and Certified Green Professional. .

Irons enjoys educating owners and coordinating philanthropic projects as part of his responsibilities within the company. She was the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Renovator of the Month in November 2018 and currently chairs the MBAKS Professional Women Building Council Awards Committee.

Irons uses his nursing, management and customer service experience to keep the showroom, office, field and personnel systems running smoothly at Irons Brothers Construction.

Joseph and Melissa Irons from Irons Brothers Construction.

About the BIAW Certified Builder designation

BIAW’s Certified Builder designation is a comprehensive accreditation program with standards that far exceed what Washington law imposes on registered contractors.

To obtain the designation, manufacturers must:

Submit references. Certified builders submit a list of suppliers, subcontractors, and owner references for projects completed within the past 5 years for review and verification.

Provide education and work experience. Certified builders provide a list of all of their work experience and education, including professional designations.

Comply with a superior code of conduct. They must accept and follow a well-defined set of standards as professionals in the home construction industry.

Provide greater insurance coverage. All builders must maintain insurance coverage that exceeds the minimum general insurance coverage required by state law.

Offer guarantees to owners. All BIAW certified builders must provide homebuyers with an owner’s warranty.

Use clear contracts. Certified builders should use contracts that clearly define the building agreement between the owner and the builder.

Accept binding binding arbitration. Certified builders offer arbitration to their owners as an alternative to litigation, reducing costs and time and allowing for greater confidentiality, informality, flexibility and purpose.

Provide an owner’s guide. Certified builders should provide maintenance guides to all homeowners to help them care for and maintain their homes.

For more information on the features, rewards, and review process for applications for the BIAW Certified Builder designation. visit biawcertifiedbuilder.com.

You can read more about Irons Brothers at ironsbc.com.

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