Tesla’s FSD Beta 9 released on Nikola Tesla’s birthday – 5 initial reviews

The long-awaited and long-awaited Tesla FSD Beta Version 9 is finally here! The new update began rolling out to members of Tesla’s Full Self-Drive Beta program in the wee hours of the morning. This allowed those of us who slept during the newsworthy event to wake up to videos and photos of the latest version of FSD Beta – V9. The excitement of the beta testers made the weekend even brighter.

Tesla provided release notes for the new FSD beta update and the first thing Tesla highlighted was the importance of security. He urged members of the FSD beta program to exercise caution when using the recently updated software.

“Full Self-Drive is in Limited Access Beta and should be used with extra caution. It can do the wrong thing at the worst time, so you should always keep your hands on the wheel and pay close attention to the road. Don’t get complacent.

“When fully autonomous driving is enabled, your vehicle will make off-highway lane changes, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. Only use full autonomous driving in the limited beta version if you pay constant attention to the road and are ready to act immediately, especially in blind turns, at intersections and in narrow driving situations.

The release notes also mentioned speed assist improvements that exploit the vehicle’s camera to detect speed limit signs to improve the accuracy of speed limit data for freeways. In the tweet below, Tesla Raj shared additional photos detailing the driver visualization and cabin camera improvements of the FSD Beta V9.

Tesla noted that the driving visualization has been improved to better support FSD capabilities. When FSD is engaged, the instrument panel displays an extended visualization showing additional surrounding information. The apps on either side of the dashboard are temporarily closed. The driving speed, autopilot availability, autopilot speed setting and detected speed are moved to the bottom of the instrument panel.

Tesla has also updated the cab camera, and it can now determine when a driver is not paying attention and provide audible alerts to remind them to pay attention to the road when the autopilot is on. This snazzy little update is pretty impressive and will definitely help prevent future reckless crashes.


Beta tester Eli Burton with My Tesla Adventure shared his video on YouTube and noted in the comments that he would do another during the day when there were more people outside.

At 1:59 in the video, the updated version of FSD Beta predicted the separation lane while still out of sight due to the bend in the road, Milano commented. “You can absolutely see the quality of the bird’s-eye predictions that Andrej Karpathy spoke about in his last presentations. I am surprised at how well it works. It’s hard to train neural networks for this stuff. … Amazing! “

One thing I noticed was the fluidity compared to other beta versions. The car seemed a little more confident with smoother movements than before. Kim Paquette shared her videos on Twitter and noted that FSD Beta manages Wesley Street. She explained that she had already tested this area and that she was “crazy narrow”.

One thing Earl, @ 28DelaysLater, that some random CleanTechnica the writer helped to be added to the FSD beta test group, noticed was the new user interface. He also tweeted that “V9 is a lot more human in a good way. The car correctly finds the turn lane in a logical manner. Much better. Very optimistic for the V9.

TesLatino shared that he had completed two 5.0 mile runs with the new FSD Beta 9. He noted that he would post the footage if it wasn’t too dark. He added a clear photo of the visual, and it’s gorgeous.

John of Tesla Silicon Valley owners have described the new Tesla Vision visualization as a work of art by Picasso, and I agree. He added that Tesla Vision is much smoother than it was before the new update and that Elon Musk and Andrej Karpathy knew what they were doing going from radar to Tesla Vision.

John also shared that after 45 minutes of test driving in Tesla Vision, his thoughts were that it was very smooth and the new visualization is much simpler and more artistic. He added that he does a lot more real-time corrections, which means fewer disengages. “Proud of Elon Musk and the Tesla Autopilot team.”

I think it’s really exciting to see the technology advancing before my eyes and being here to document it while also sharing the enthusiasm of many of my friends who are testing the software in beta. I want to echo what John said: Elon Musk and the Tesla team did a spectacular job. While many worried about the switch from radar to vision, the team was well aware of what they were doing. By the way, it’s Nikola Tesla’s birthday. Perhaps it was ironic fate that Tesla’s latest version of FSD Beta came out today.

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