‘Test your taste buds’ – angry Bromsgrove chef responds to customer after review

Waz’s Bistrot has long been rated as Worcestershire’s number one restaurant on Tripadvisor, but when harsh reviews have been leveled the outspoken owner has not mince words.

In a scathing rebuke, proud owner Mohamed Wassim Draoui, known as Waz, wrote a list to the disgruntled restaurant that included advice to ‘get your taste buds tested as soon as possible’ and ‘you have a problem with food. fresh “.

The online feud began after the customer described the restaurant at The Strand, in downtown Bromsgrove, as “very poor!” Claiming the food was very average and complaining about the plastic menus.

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Waz’s Bistrot at Bromsgrove – Worcestershire’s # 1 restaurant on Tripadvisor.

“After reading all the reviews I was expecting good things, unfortunately I wasn’t,” added the reviewer. “There are much better places in Bromsgrove. I won’t be going back. Sorry, that’s a big zero point of our evening.”

Serving French and Mediterranean cuisine, from seafood to paella, steaks and caviar, the review fell far short of the hundreds of five-star reviews on Tripadvisor with diners celebrating Waz’s Bistrot for its exceptional food and friendly staff.

French chef Waz, 44, owner of the takeaway and restaurant, was ignited by the three-star review and hit back on Tripadvisor to point out that the moaning customer had eaten three steaks before asking for a refund of £ 75, including £ 50 was refunded.

“Why don’t you mention this fact?” Waz asked in the response. “I agreed to refund £ 50 for the sole reason that we need the table for the second service.

“Normally, I don’t waste time answering you, but I will because it makes me happier,” said Waz, who was walking upright. “After reimbursing you, we consider that: 1. you have a problem with the fresh food. 2. Have your taste buds tested as soon as possible. 3 Sabotage makes us more famous ”.

Waz’s Bistrot at Bromsgrove – Worcestershire’s # 1 restaurant on Tripadvisor.

The list went on before Waz added in English and native French that “one poor review shows you are poor.” sorry but we can’t please everyone – can’t please everyone. I will contact you when I start selling kebabs… ”

Waz also informed the customer that the plastic menu was intended to be sanitized between customers to meet government guidelines on Covid restrictions.

Speaking to Worcestershire Live today, Waz said he takes pride in his work, adding “I’m not a businessman, I’m an artist and what I do in my restaurant is art, so I defend myself when I think something is wrong or unfair. “

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