The City of Navarre’s proposed budget would cost $22.3 million a year by 2028

posted on April 25, 2022 by Romy White

According to a feasibility report released April 24 by Preserve Navarre, it would cost nearly $22.3 million by fiscal year 2028 to operate a proposed future city of Navarre, if voters approve the effort to continue. , which excludes the community of Holley.

The proposal also includes a $9 million loan at a cost of $525,000 to build a city hall within the first five years of incorporation. Proposed future loans include $4.25 million for five battery electric buses (transit) and $1.2 million to fund a pedestrian bridge.

Revenue streams offered by Preserve Navarre include, but are not limited to:

  • a $1 million ad valorem tax levied on property owners within the city limits, totaling approximately $5.47 million annually;
  • $1.86 million for tourism development tax revenue (however, under Florida state law, funding is distributed to counties, not cities);
  • red light cameras;
  • building permit fees;
  • $656,255 in parking fees for tourists;
  • $970,925 in traffic violations;
  • $1.66 million for a local gas tax;
  • $3.225 million in communications services taxes/franchise fees.

Planned annual expenditures for the proposed future City of Navarre include the following services (with staff hourly wages for fiscal year 2028 shown in parentheses):

  • Mayor’s Office (includes Mayor $35/hr, Mayor’s Chief of Staff $28.90/hr, Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs $28.90/hr, Constituent Services Assistant $23.50 $/h and liaison with community organizations $23.50/h);
  • City Council (part-time speaker $23.50/hr and 6 part-time council members $20/hr and full-time red light camera clerk $23.50/hr);
  • City Clerk’s Office ($28.90/hr clerk and part-time records assistant $17.25/hr);
  • City Attorney’s Office ($46.25/hr and part-time assistant $28.90/hr);
  • Finance Department (Finance Commissioner $28.90/hr and full-time accountant $34.75/hr);
  • Facilities Manager (Facilities Commissioner $28.90/hr, Full Time Receptionist $17.25/hr, Part Time Receptionist $17.25/hr, Part Time Janitor $17.25/hr, Computer Specialist $28.90/hr and City Hall Deputy Commissioner $23.50/hr);
  • Planning and Development (Commissioner of Planning and Development $28.90/hr, Deputy Commissioner of Urban Planning $28.90/hr, Assistant Urban Planning $28.90/hr, Grants Writer 28.90 $/hr, Assistant Development Services Commissioner $23.50/hr, Building Inspector $23.50/hr, Permit Examiner $23.50/hr, Code Enforcement $23.50/hr);
  • Main Street Commission (Chairman of the Main Street Commission $19.23/hr and Council Commissioner $14.42/hr)
  • Landmark Commission (Landmark Commission Chairman $19.23/hr and Council Commissioner $14.42/hr).

An additional $3.7 million in salaries and benefits is included for the Navarre Region Transit Administration (Public Transportation) and Infrastructure Department.

In addition, a budget line has been established for a housing and equity fund (funds for future low-income housing and anti-poverty programs). However, no funding has been allocated for fiscal year 2024. Other future positions include a Homelessness Prevention Commissioner ($28.90/hr).

Other annual expenditure items include

  • nearly $50,000 per year for travel expenses;
  • more than 385,000 for contract/professional services;
  • $140,665 for grants to community organizations;
  • nearly $110,334 for event sponsorships;
  • $30,000 for “Pride of Navarre” scholarships.

A $2.5 million allocation to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office for intergovernmental contract services was included.

The study indicates that costs increased by 7.625% per year to account for an estimated annual inflation rate of 5%, assuming a growth rate of 2.5%.