The first batch has arrived

BYD has announced that its all-electric flagship model, the battery-powered Blade BYD Han EV, has arrived in Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to the press release, the first batch of all-electric BYD Han recently arrived in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Bahamas.

It’s a pretty comprehensive rollout, although we assume the number of combined deliveries is still low. BYD does not say whether these are demo cars or customer cars.

Regardless, the company notes that this is a significant milestone for BYD in the LATAM and Caribbean passenger vehicle market.

BYD Han arrives in the Dominican Republic

BYD Han EV reaches Latin America

BYD Han runs in the Bahamas

The BYD Han EV has a range of up to 550 km (342 miles) NEDC and 0-100 km / h (62 mph) acceleration in just 3.9 seconds. It should be one of the best BEVs in LATAM and the Caribbean, which are not as competitive markets as China, Europe, or the United States.

BYD Han EV reaches Latin America

By the way, BYD is also expanding in Europe – from Norway and the BYD Tang SUV model. According to the recent report, sales have exceeded 1,000 units and more than 350 cars are in the hands of customers on the roads.

“Excellent news: BYD Tang SUV sales have surpassed 1000, just two months after its launch in Norway! More than 350 customers are already traveling in style with the 100% electric SUV. The best part is that more vehicles are coming soon, you don’t have to wait anymore. “

The Tang is also equipped with the BYD Blade battery (LFP chemistry) with a cell-to-pack system and thin, long cells designed to become structural parts – beams – of the pack.

The final question is when will we see BYD electric cars in the United States? Buses and trucks have been sold in North America for a while, so maybe within a year or two cars will join the lineup?

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