Tom Ford reviews “House Of Gucci” with Whirlwind Review

Thomas Carlyle Ford, known professionally as Tom Ford, shared his candid thoughts on the recently released movie “House of Gucci”.

Ford spared no sentiment in his review of the Ridley Scott film, which he credited with having many drawbacks and some advantages.

The American filmmaker was close to one of the real characters who inspired the film, which made him feel like he was going through a natural disaster.

Tom Ford: “I laughed aloud a lot, but was I supposed to? “

In a review posted on AirMail, Ford detailed that it survived a 2 hour 37 minute screening of “House of Gucci”, comparing it to a bigger budget version of the soap opera “Dynasty”.

The fashion designer said he “felt like he had lived through a hurricane when leaving the theater,” implying that watching the film was an exhausting experience.

Ford mocked the entire production for its inability to help it distinguish whether it was watching a prank or a gripping story of greed.

The screenwriter compared the onscreen moments of Al Pacino, who plays Aldo Gucci, and Jared Leto, who plays Aldo’s son, to a live-action Saturday night story sketch.

The director noted that the film was ultimately tragic but saved by impressive costumes, gripping cinematography, and overblown portrayals from the entire cast.

Nonetheless, the reviewer admitted that his opinions could be biased as he knew and worked with Maurizio Gucci, who was assassinated just steps from his Milan office on March 27, 1995.

Fashion designer praises ‘House of Gucci’ at the top of the performances

Ford’s “House of Gucci” magazine wasn’t exactly full of compliments, but he was still impressed with the leads. The star of the show for him was Lady Gaga.

The “A Single Man” director revealed that her performance was perfect despite Gaga’s exaggerated emphasis on Patrizia Gucci, who moves from Milan to Moscow.

Ford explained that it was impossible to take your eyes off the face of artist “Chromatica”, and that she owned the screen, despite the famous actors in the film.

Adam Driver, who played Maurizio Gucci, was crowned lead man who gave a subtle and nuanced performance and remained calm as other actors battled for screen time.

Nonetheless, the 60-year-old was deeply saddened for days after watching “House of Gucci” and believes others who knew the real characters would reflect his emotions.


Richard Buckley’s husband mourns death

Richard Buckley was famous for being Ford’s husband and an American fashion journalist and editor who wrote for notable publications including New York magazine and Vogue Italia.

After a 35-year partnership, Ford and Buckley tied the knot in 2014 when same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States.

The explosion reported that the editor-in-chief died on the night of September 19, 2021. Ford spokesman said Buckley had a natural death.

The statement announced that the 72-year-old had a long battle with an undisclosed illness and died peacefully at their Los Angeles home.

The statement concluded that the late journalist’s last hours were spent in the company of her loving husband and their 9-year-old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford.

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