Top 5 Most Popular German Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.

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5. The Berghof Restaurant

100% family owned for 123 years and located in the Chicago Loop, Berghoff Restaurant is a unique and impressive establishment. It serves both classic German and contemporary American food, some popular dishes including spinach with cream, Viennese Schnitzel, Black Forest cake and apple strudel. The atmosphere transports guests to Munich, and the delicious, authentic German beer has a lot to do with it either.

4. Prost!

Prost! creates the perfect classic German restaurant and beer hall atmosphere with its rustic interior design, beer imported directly from Germany, and cobbled path to the expansive beer bar. It’s a great place for sports fans, including a Game Day menu and over 20 flat-screen TVs. The Bavarian pretzel is particularly popular, especially the dips that come with it. Sunday night trivia is big here, along with other fun events, including Oktoberfest! The service is solid and the prices are good for Chicago.

3. Edelweiss-Restaurant

Edelweiss Restaurant has been bringing authentic German-American cuisine to Chicago for over 30 years. The menu ranges from classic German dishes to American steak and seafood. It is family friendly and also includes a semi-private party room! From spring through fall, the restaurant’s biergarten is open, offering parties and events over the summer where you can enjoy authentic German beer and pretzels. Some events also include live music and festivals. They serve huge portions for good prices, and the servers are friendly and quick to help.

2. The Laschet Inn

With old and consistent recipes, Laschet’s Inn is a Chicago favorite, especially for German locals, who can tell how authentic the food here is. The entire restaurant exudes an old-school vibe, from its cuisine to its music. Sausages and pretzels are a must. We can’t forget the beer, of course: the selection is large and delicious, all for good prices.

1. Funkenhausen

The chef from Funkenhausen combines his knowledge of German and Southern cuisine into delicious, hearty and moving cuisine. It offers a beloved selection of German beers on tap, as well as wines from different regions of Germany. With a cozy atmosphere, great service, amazing and unique food and desserts, Funkenhausen is the best German restaurant in Chicago. Some popular dishes include ribs, catfish, pretzels and doughnuts.