Watch these fun and informative Tesla Model S Plaid reviews

The other day we shared the first Pollard family records in the Tesla Model S Plaid, and wow were they fun. It looks like the reactions to the first rides in any Tesla Model seem to get a lot of attention, but the Model S Plaid takes it to the next level.

We called the Pollards an “average” family, and we took a step back. We never said they weren’t rich. On the contrary, the point was that it was not racing drivers taking the Plaid out on the track, or young children doing street races. Instead, it was an American family just enjoying their new car and sharing it with the world.

Sometimes seeing a review of a car from the perspective of a hobbyist family rather than an automotive sales outlet is very insightful. Just as the Pollards are an “average” family in many ways, people watching the video for more details, and especially those considering purchasing the Plaid, are likely in a similar position. For those who don’t want – or can’t – drop $ 130,000 on a new car, the refreshed Model S Long Range is almost the same car, but $ 50,000 less at signing.

The Pollards also published an actual review of the car. While the previous video mainly focused on driving reactions, the video above describes the car in more detail. The family say they are impressed with the car’s unreal technology. When a car like the Model S Plaid hits the market, it’s easy to forget or take a look at all of its features, space and practicality, because everyone is only talking about its performance. .

If you are not a fan of this “average” family, no worries. We’ve also provided another great review below. It covers everything about the car in great detail. This way, you can get different perspectives and opinions on the new Model S. Producer Shannon Wong traded her 2018 Tesla Model S P100D for the 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid. Topics and timestamps are as follows:

  • 0:01 Presentation
  • 0:10 Comparison of 2018 Model S P100D v 2021 Model S Plaid
  • 1:36 View from the driver’s cockpit
  • 1:45 Fastest production car in acceleration and time.
  • 2:12 Driving comfort and performance
  • 2:33 Introduction to drag-strip mode in preparation for 0-60 mph launch
  • 4:06 The steering wheel Yoke
  • 5:53 The air conditioning system
  • 6:33 Plaid Mode 0-60 mph Launch Acceleration # 1
  • 8:29 Start 0-60 mph acceleration from Plaid # 2 mode
  • 9:15 am View of the reversing camera for the parking lot
  • 9:36 Maximum autonomy
  • 9.45 a.m. Front seat – driver’s side view
  • 10:00 a.m. Rear seat functionality (rear)
  • 11:38 Read the trunk area
  • 12:00 Interior view of front passenger
  • 12:32 Interior rear view of passenger
  • 12:46 Frunk Preview
  • 13:00 Main display control panel user interface
  • 14:48 Presentation of the camera system
  • 15:40 Green light chime
  • 4.30 p.m. Autopilot / Cruise control
  • 17:53 Dual Qi wireless charging area
  • 18:06 Center console
  • 18:28 Steering wheel functions
  • 19:44 Doors open – front and rear
  • 20:14 Rear screen functionality
  • 20:55 Cannot connect to youtube account from main control panel
  • 21:11 Passage of the rear seats
  • 21:50 Arachnid rims 21 “
  • 22:12 Conclusion

Let us know what you think of the review videos. And, more importantly, what do you think of the Tesla Model S Plaid?