Woofkies dog treats are barking up a storm!

Woofkies dog treats are 100% artisan, hand-decorated dog biscuits. Each treat is inspired by memorable moments in a dog’s life, then decorated to perfection by the Woofkies team. The treats are made with 100% human-grade, nut-free, vet-approved ingredients and fortified with a delicious honey peanut butter flavor that dogs can’t get enough of.

The Woofkies brand is dedicated to finding new ways for paws and dogs to bond and share meaningful moments together. As a team of professional cookie decorators with over 20 years of experience, Woofkies create beautiful, unique, handcrafted treats that are smile-worthy for paws and delicious for their dogs. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience: Woofkies dog treats.

Woofkies dog treats make great first impressions. The treats were first showcased in March at Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest pet industry trade show, capturing the interest of everyone from local pet shop owners to international pet retailers. pet shops, due to their memorable designs and precise decorations. .

Additionally, Amazon reviews for Woofkies dog treats are pouring in as 100% positive, underscoring the success of the Woofkies dream.

“These dog treats are so cute – and my dog ​​loved them!” wrote a 5-star reviewer, noting that the treats are “super fun and creative” and that “my dog ​​wants them all!”

Woofkies dog treats were initially sold out due to high demand, but are now restocked in limited quantities and available for purchase on www.amazon.com/woofkies.

For more information about Woofkies dog treats or to connect with a company spokesperson, please visit www.woofkies.pet or email [email protected].

About Woofkies

Pet brand Woofkies was founded in 2021 with a passion for giving dogs and their paws new ways to bond and share meaningful moments together. As a team of professional bakers with over 20 years of cookie decorating experience, Woofkies creates handcrafted, unique dog treats with meaningful designs and rich flavors and textures for dogs. The result is Woofkies dog treats: 100% handcrafted, hand-decorated dog biscuits. Woofkies dog treats are made with human-grade ingredients backed by an SQF-certified bakery, and packed with vegan and nut-free micronutrients that dogs need. The treats come in 9 daily and seasonal collections for year-round enjoyment.

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